Panasonic KX-HDV800 Sip Conference Phone

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  • High Quality Sound with Omnidirectional Mic.
  • Designated Smartphone App 
  • Conference Recording to SD Card
  • Usable as an audio device for desktop UC application

In today’s busy business world, you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what to do or who to call in order to start conference calls. Joining a meeting with the KX-HDV800 couldn’t be simpler: Just one click! 

In most conference rooms there are sound-absorbing elements. In the KX-HDV800 conference phone, we have embedded the best of current technology to reduce noise and deliver and crystal-clear HD audio experience. All this made possible using an advanced 360° omnidirectional microphone.

The Panasonic Conference App is your capable meeting assistant. Managing meetings is much more personal and direct when you’re holding the user interface in your hand. Intuitively call contacts straight from your local address book, create conference groups, adjust the volume and more during meetings by using your mobile or tablet. You no longer need to get up and operate the keypad of the conference phone that is far away at the centre of the table.

The KX-HDV800 and Panasonic Conference App work together to bring One Touch Conferencing into the conference room. A single touch is all it takes to start or join a phone meeting that is scheduled in your calendar.

Use with an SD card
Conference calls can be very chaotic, and not everyone is necessarily taking notes on what’s being said and agreed upon. By using the KX-HDV800’s built-in SD memory card port, you can record any conference call on an SD/SDHC card (32 GB max., sold separately) for later referencing. Internal meetings can also be recorded by using the KX-HDV800 as a reliable Dictaphone. Capacity-wise, it’s as easy as it gets with 35 hours of recording per GB.

Use with external equipment
A single KX-HDV800 is capable of handling small-sized conference rooms up to 30 m2. Moreover, a wide array of ports allows KX-HDV800 to connect to extra microphones and wireless headsets, making it the ideal IP conference phone for rooms of all sizes up to large auditoriums.

Use with a computer
The KX-HDV800 transforms your computer into a piece of high-quality conferencing equipment. Unlike normal computer speakers and microphones, the KX-HDV800 provides full-duplex (two-way audio) and efficient echo cancellation and static noise reduction.

By connecting the KX-HDV800 to a computer which has a UC application installed (such as Panasonic IP Softphone or UC Pro), the computer allows the KX-HDV800 to process the audio, improving the sound quality when using such application.

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